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The NDIS funding for SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) has created the opportunity for NDIS Participants who require specialised housing to access suitable accommodation that is fit-for-purpose, giving those participants who qualify for SDA funding choice & control over where and with whom they live.

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Our role is to provide you with a choice of investment options based on properties that are being developed and built specifically to be SDA compliant, and to help you achieve up to 14% pa gross rental returns.

SIL & SDA Providers

If you are a SIL or SDA provider, we at NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA would love to hear from you and see how our network of investors and builders and developers can produce SIL & SDA homes for the Participants you work with.

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NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD is an end-to-end consultancy service. We work with developers for land acquisitions, with builders for design and construction, with SIL & SDA providers in the sourcing of Participants for brand new homes and we work with owner occupiers to source SDA homes.

Being a niche market of the property sector which many professionals are unfamiliar with, our aim is to help navigate through all aspects of NDIS property, whether you are an investor, builder or provider and most importantly, if you are a SDA Participant in need of suitable accommodation.

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A Service You Can Trust

Our team of consultants, who have a combined 30 years experience in the Building and Real Estate Industry, Financial Industry as well as Disability Housing, work hard behind the scenes, challenging the status quo and making a difference for disabled Australians allowing them the dignity of having appropriate housing for their needs.


We are passionate about SDA property and we hope to inspire as many people as possible to work towards a future where all disabled Australians have access to housing that meets their individual needs.


Our vision is to establish dynamic collaborations with disability service providers to help as many Australians with high-needs disability to be appropriately housed and cared for.


Our guiding principles are to ensure Participant choice and control is a central consideration in the design and delivery of all SDA services, to enable people with a disability to govern their own home life.

Specialist Disability Accommodation

It is our goal to see Participants with high-needs disabilities being appropriately housed in accommodation that is right for them. Purpose built homes promote opportunities for social and economic participation, enhance self-determination, and create conditions for Participants to lead vibrant, safe, and independent lives.